With a hour delay due to the capriciousness of the sea, we finally approached Scari, Stromboli’s mooring: a placid pier and a customary passageway for those arriving to the village from the sea. There stood performer Emma Fisher, welcoming us fully enveloped in a black leotard as Eddie Peake disembarked from the hydrofoil armed with a megaphone. Shortly after, they performed Megaphone Duet, one of the artist’s latest works.

Megaphone Duet can be read as a metaphor for sexual maturity, when eroticism is aimed towards  the others, even colliding in the violent clash of a couple’s dynamics, with their turmoils, fights, negotiations.

At first seemingly rehearsing a choreography under the guidance of Peake, the dancer soon leaped into a restless sequence of jumping, splitting, retching, groans and insults. The tension grew higher and higher, increasingly palpable, as Peake screamed out of a megaphone “If I kill myself will you miss me forever?”

All photos Giovanna Silva