Volcano Extravaganza 2017 – I Polpi

16 July 2017, Stromboli, Italy

To Corpse – Variation 5 with the natural sound of Stromboli at the beach below Club Megà


As soon as a pallid hint of sun started stretching out from beyond the horizon, we all gathered at the beach below Club Megà, to assist to the fifth and final variation of To Corpse from newly found seats of black sand.

The last composer was none other than the organic soundtrack of Stromboli, the natural noise of the island: the breeze, the seagull, the waves. Immersed in the unique, dynamic quietness of  the early morning, the bodies of the dancers returned to their natural, primordial beauty, we contemplated once more this choreography we came to know so well, mesmerised by how another iteration could be the same yet be so different.

Silently, we parted away from the conclusion of To Corpse. Taking advantage of the magic of the hour, some went swimming in the velvet waves of the new day, while some other went to sleep, accompanied by the whistling of the wind. Later that morning, a hurricane appeared in the distance, in the sea: a sign from the gods?

All photos Giovanna Silva