Volcano Extravaganza 2017 – I Polpi

14 July 2017, Naples, Italy

To Corpse – Variation 2 with Gwilym Gold at Le Scalze – Chiesa di San Giuseppe a Pontecorvo


Time for a quick change of leotard, from white to black, and we found ourselves at Le Scalze — Chiesa di San Giuseppe a Pontecorvo. The church is an iconic, baroque building situated in the Avvocata area, nearby the Spanish Quarters in the historical centre of Naples. Stunning and suggestive in its intact decadence, Le Scalze was built in 1619 in lieu of a palace, Palazzo Spinelli a Pontecorvo.

Within the magic atmosphere created by the otherworldly music and falsetto vocals of Gwilym Gold and against such a unique backdrop, the second variation of To Corpse bridged the shining light of the early afternoon with the suffused radiance of the approaching sunset, preparing us for our move to a nearby volcano…

All photos Amedeo Benestante and Giovanna Silva