Lesson 11# – “Chi è entrato nel mio letto?” homage to Cinzia Ruggeri by Rita Selvaggio

Lesson #11, “Chi è entrato nel mio letto?”, directly translating in ‘Who entered my bed?’, is a project dedicated to artist Cinzia Ruggeri (1942–2019) and curated by Rita Selvaggio.

The title “Chi è entrato nel mio letto?” draws inspiration from an article published in 1988 for Casa Vogue. Dedicated to the horizontal architecture of the bed, the article was signed by Cinzia Ruggeri together with Alessandra Zighetti, with photographs by Occhiomagico.“My week is made up of eight days and I am often out in the evening for pleasure” says the artist introducing her eight tales for the night:”Tuesday, coming home from a ball at the British Embassy, I open the door slowly and the king, the queen, Humpty Dumpty and Huysmans’s turtle are playing golf on my bed. Wednesday, on my return from a visit to a Greek friend (how we laughed!) I find a big and a little TV set turned on under the blankets. Thursday, back from Fontainebleau, in my bed there’s a grandmother disguised as a wolf (or perhaps the opposite? It doesn’t matter). Friday – after dinner with friends from Alsace – I find those three little pigs who have brazenly made themselves comfortable. Who’s afraid of the big bad wolf? The next evening, returning from Bologna, I grope my way into the bedroom: the vacuum cleaner and the pasta machine hugging each other between my sheets and he, with his long arm, sucking up all her tagliatelle. Sunday, I come home and find Professor Pi knackered, prostrate and crushed. Sometimes counting sheep is bad for you. The day after Sunday, visit to the Natural History Museum; when I get home I can’t believe my eyes: if it weren’t for that loving expression…”

(“Chi è entrato nel mio letto?”, Casa Vogue, no. 196 (1988), pp. 228-35, p. 228.)