The “Hexagon Method for Responses on Love”

SAGG NAPOLI // SAGG SCOPA FAT // Lezioni d’Italiano #8

The “Hexagon Method for Responses on Love”

March 2020 – November 2020

Location: online



How to read Neapolitan Cards ‘The Hexagon Method for responses on Love’:

“Shuffle the cards and split the deck. Once this is done, draw 7 cards to be read as follows:

Card 1: Represents the Past

Card 2: Represents the Partner; what he thinks and how he behaves towards you

Card 3: Represents the possible obstacles that could arise in the evolution of your personal history

Card 4: Represents your current mood in relation to your present moment and time

Card 5: Represents your position in regards to people outside the relationship; it allows to understand their influence on you (positive or not)

Card 6: Provides suggestions for improving your emotional situation

Card 7: Puts the previous cards into context”