“SWRDS: aspects related to justice, betrayals, deceptions, power games, sufferings and obstacles in general.”

Ace of Swords. Upwards: problems, displeasure, pain, adversity. Reverse: blocked situation, temporary problems, jealousy.

Two of Swords. Upwards: disappointment for news that does not arrive. Reverse: quarrels, separation, general negativity.

Three of Swords. Upwards: serious quarrels and without the possibility of mediation; generally negative paper on all aspects. Reverse: cheating, scams, offences, false testimonials.

Eight or Knight of Swords. Upwards: arrival of unpleasant news. Possible travel-related problems; difficulty finding a point of agreement. It can represent the father-in-law and/or the son-in-law, or a young person working as a policeman. Reverse: the meaning is similar to the previous ones, only more evident.

10 or King of Swords. Upwards: intelligent man, scholar. Often it indicates the man in uniform (not only military but also doctors, lawyers, etc.). The king of swords is an authoritarian character, severe – but fair. Man little or not at all prone to sentimentality. Hair colour: black or dark brown. Reverse: deceiver, uses his knowledge to hurt or harm. It can also indicate a person in poor health.

“People say they will support you and then they don’t, they are interested in what you are doing and – suddenly – they aren’t, and then if you are evolving… They might understand what you were doing before, but they don’t get what you are doing now.”

SAGG NAPOLI is a body of ongoing, semi-autobiographical research that the artist initiated in 2014. As the artist describes her practice: “SAGG NAPOLI narrates the current socio-economic situation of Southern Europe, with my research becoming manifest through objects, videos, social media, as well as my very own body and presence including clothes and style’’.

Cards designed by Jane Donna.

SAGG NAPOLI worn by a 10 or King of SWRDS, narrated by Stella Bottai.