“THE GOLD stands for material goods, business.”

Ace of Gold. Upwards: positive card, nullifies the negative influences of the other cards. Joy, luck, euphoria, good family relationship, engagement and marriage. Arrival of information, letters, communications. Reverse: same as upwards, but with a weaker and/or more distant influence over time.

Two of Gold. Upwards: business and partnerships. A possible return. Swinging luck, but basically, a balanced situation. Surrounded by very negative cards, can indicate legal disputes. In the human body, it indicates the eyes. Reverse: written documents, including official documents. If surrounded by negative cards, they can be quotes, reports, etc.

Seven of Gold. Upwards: winning, luck, improving the situation (in all fields). Success. As with the ace of golds, this card can positively influence the cards that surround it. Reverse: unlucky period, loss of money. Deception and scams in the air. Even on a sentimental level, it indicates a deception, truth and information that is kept silent and omitted.

Eight or Jack of Gold. Upwards: wealthy woman, lover of life, fun. She is a faithful friend, tied to pleasant memories. The jack can indicate a helpful woman who supports us in times of need, both emotionally and materially. Indicates a light-haired woman. Reverse: a person who gives great importance to material goods. Aridity and greed. Sometimes it can indicate poor health. This card describes a lonely and unhappy person, unable to create satisfying human relationships.

Nine or Knight of Gold. Upwards: news and business travels; possible inheritances. Good earnings, ease in managing the economic aspects of life; good hopes for the future and security for the path being taken. Reverse: bad news in the economic sphere, postponed trips, departing members, crisis, bankruptcy, bankruptcies (even fast and sudden). It signals the presence of debts, of economic decisions on which a clear decision cannot be made.

“Kings and Jacks represent people, while the Knights represent situations evolving right now. These figures are essential in the Neapolitan cards readings: they represent the characters involved in the events. They can also provide us with information about physical characteristics, but mainly they tell us about roles within the story, and specific psychological traits of those characters. Interpreting the figures of the Neapolitan cards allows us to fully understand who the real actors in the game are, what they think of us and what their intentions are”.

SAGG NAPOLI is a body of ongoing, semi-autobiographical research that the artist initiated in 2014. As the artist describes her practice: “SAGG NAPOLI narrates the current socio-economic situation of Southern Europe, with my research becoming manifest through objects, videos, social media, as well as my very own body and presence including clothes and style’’.

Cards designed by Jane Donna