1) Shuffle and deal each player 3 cards. 2 or 4 players work out fine. Four is traditional and then the two people opposite each other are in squadra (teams).

2) Deal out four cards face up in the centre of the table. There are 4 groups:  Coppe  (Cups),  Ori (Golds), Space (Swrds) and Bastoni (Clubs), with face cards ranging from one (the ace), to seven and three figures cards: Knave (Fante in Italian, worth a value of 8), Knight (Cavallo in Italian worth 9), and King (Re in Italian, worth 10).

3) Player to dealer’s left goes first putting down one single card from his/her hand. A card must leave your hand every time it is your turn. Pick up card/cards from the table equal to points on a card in your hand. That is a trick you have won. Set your card and the card/cards that match it you have taken from the table face down in front of you. Make a line out of these overlapped tricks as you win them. It is beneficial to get as many cards as possible and to get 7s.

4) When all three original cards are gone from all players’ hands, the dealer gives three more cards apiece. This goes on until there are no cards in anyone’s hands.

5) The last player to win a trick in a game gets cards left on the table at end of the game.

6) When calculating scores,  each “scopa” nets one point. Then a player or team gets one point if he took the highest total number of cards, the highest number of Gold suit cards, the seven of Golds  (settebello). To award the Primiera, calculate who has more 7s. If you tie the 7, you then look at 6s. If you get the same score, then you ‘tie’ (pareggi), the primiera. The primiera is worth one point towards the total score.

7) In addition to trying to get all the Gold’ sevens, and especially settebello — you are always scheming how to “sweep” the table clean. Take all the cards. If you do, that is “scopa” and you take that trick and put it in line with your others, but face UP. Kind of to rub it in with other players and to remind you to count it later.