Volcano Extravaganza 2018 – Total Anastrophes

5 and 6 February 2018

Dhaka Art Summit, Dhaka, Bangladesh


A project by Fiorucci Art Trust

In collaboration with The Vinyl Factory

Curated by Milovan Farronato

Artistic Leader: Runa Islam

Cecilia Bengolea, Alex Cecchetti, Patrizio di Massimo, Haroon Mirza, Tobias Putrih, Osman Yousefzada

With contributions by: Alec Curtis, Liliana Moro, Chiara Fumai, Anna Boghiguian, Chus Martínez, Delia Gonzalez, Diana Campbell Betancourt, Joana Escoval, Christodolulos Panayiotou, George Henry Longly, Naufus Ramirez-Figueroa, Roberto Cuoghi, Katharina Fritsch, Stella Bottai, Mathilde Rosier


Early morning in Dhaka.

After a series of seismic evenings, two final morning eruptions…

The last couple days, and the grand finale: everyone was already gone, or on their way back. Only Alec Curtis and Marina La Verghetta were left inhabiting the extravaganza echo-chamber in the auditorium of the Shilpakala Academy. Amidst the curtains and the mobile structures that for the last time assumed a steady position…

He, as always, in the control cabin. Left with the task of producing, promoting, playing the first mixtape, as an echo and a tail of all that happened in the previous days… like the interaction between the soundscape of Haroon Mirza and the syncopated movements of Cecilia Bengolea, while in the background This Much is Uncertain continued to flow…

For one last time, voluptuous swirls of smoke enveloped the inside of our volcano… for one last time, the charade of green and blue lights shined in the darkness…

For one last time…. until next time!

See you in July, in our beloved Stromboli…

Photographs by Noor Photoface