Lesson #9 – Class 8

From January 20th to the 30th, 2021, Riccardo Paratore took over our Instagram account @fiorucciartrust. Follow him through his journey exploring Italian heritage in the Americas and northern Europe.

Contributions by Rosa Aiello, Victoria Colmegna, Peter Fischli and Tomás Nervi.



Dan Kwon & Riccardo Paratore, CLOSED TODAY, OPEN TOMORROW, 2021,  Single Channel Video, 8:20 min

The video provides a close-up of a typical Italian pasta dish, Spaghetti al Pomodoro, while being eaten. Contrary from its ‘original’ version, the dish is made with German tomatoes, which tend to be watery. While the first person is pecking them, a second narrating voice seemingly takes an ironic approach to the mystification of immigrant culture with references to struggle and disparity.

Set in the future, the video deals not only with the topic of migration but also with today’s restaurants precarious conditions.