Lesson #9 – Class 2

From January 20th to the 30th, 2021, Riccardo Paratore took over our Instagram account @fiorucciartrust. Follow him through his journey exploring Italian heritage in the Americas and northern Europe.

Contributions by Rosa Aiello, Victoria Colmegna, Peter Fischli and Tomás Nervi.


Rosa Aiello, Il Sangue che Sgorga dall’orgoglio del leone, 2021, Single Channel Video, 6:25 min

In “Il Sangue che Sgorga dall’orgoglio del leone,” Canadian artist Rosa Aiello uses footage from recent trips to visit her family in Lamezia Terme, Calabria, where her father was born and grew up. The video stars her brother, Dylan Aiello, a real-life actor and fitness guru, as he adapts to and stands out from Calabrese culture, which has influenced his development since birth, but is not his first “home.