Participants: Anal House Meltdown, Ed Atkins, Django Django, Shiva Feshareki, Factory Floor, Christos Hadjichristou, Lia Haraki, Celia Hempton, Hassan Khan, James Lavelle, Haroon Mirza, Prem Sahib, Richard Sides

Text by Linda Yablonsky

Photo by Giovanna Silva

For Forget Amnesia, Haroon Mirza set up a ‘usable installation’ that acted as both a space to encounter an experience and a space of production by the other participants.

Trisha Baga collaborated with Jessie Stead on a 3D installation showing a spaghetti-western inspired film shot by the artist over a number of days spent on the island before the start of the programme.

Celia Hempton and Sam Hempton stroke their guitars like they never did before on the opening night of Forget Amnesia. On the fifth day, Celia Hempton also presented Ejecta, a new body of paintings inspired by the volcanic setting of Stromboli and named after the geological term for material that is thrown out by volcanic eruptions.

Lia Haraki and Christos Hadjichristou presented The Record Replay React Workshop, where they shared different ways of using the body, voice and technology as creative and expressive tools. Haraki’s energy rivals that of a volcano and on 23 July she also presented an evening performance – a soundscape made visible and choreography made audible.

Richard Sides responded to the site-specific installation by Mirza, Sides created a ‘hangout’: a social environment and temporary installation which included music, video and various objects.

What happens in London stays in London, but sometimes it also goes to Stromboli: George Henry Longly, Eddie Peake and Prem Sahib’s Anal House Meltdown hit Mega on 23 July for the first international episode of this London club night.

In the words of ‘Paris Is Burning’, Prem Sahib gave ‘space to do all that you intend’: his presentation included a one-night screening of ‘Boys in the Sand’ by Wakefield Poole, to which Sahib played a new live soundtrack. The film as accompanied by the simultaneous screening of a new short film shot by Sahib while in Stromboli, featuring a local non-professional actor. Sahib also presented a series of new posters.

Factory Floor created a 3-day live studio installation inside one of the rooms of House of Extravaganza. The public could stroll in to watch their ongoing studio practise, which will culminate on 26 July with a live set at Mega.


Following Factory Floor, the night at Mega will continue with James Lavelle at the decks. After his recent Meltdown at the Southbank, Lavelle seemed happy to melt with us in Stromboli for a bit.

For the only Sunday of Forget Amnesia, Ed Atkins presented a surrogate performances including a reading of a recent text.


Shiva Feshareki played with four turntables, experimenting with a number of inspirations, which span from contemporary classical composers to the direct surroundings and environment of Forget Amnesia. 

Django Django joined us in the last week to present a live acoustic set by the sea. Start at sunset, end yet unknown.

Hassan Khan refused to commit to any one possibility preferring to keep things open until he got to Stromboli. He presented two works: a sound installation titled PURITY and a live performance, TARABAN, set on the breadth-taking terrace of Casa Falk.

Photography Lewis Ronald


Forget Amnesia soundtrack by Haroon Mirza


EXTRA: NTS Radio, Dedicated podcasts of live recordings from Volcano Extravaganza 2014