Runa Islam, Dogs Devouring Dead Horses

Artist book in collaboration
with Manuel Raeder

essays by Christian Rattemeyer and Marc Gloede
introduction by Milovan Farronato


This volume, ‘Dogs Devouring Dead Horses’, stems from a collaboration between the artist Runa Islam and the designer Manuel Raeder against the backdrop of the exhibition she held at the Museum of Modern Art in New York (Projects 95: Runa Islam, 27 May–19 September 2011).
This collaboration attempts to give another form to the works after the event of the exhibtion has passed. The artist provided Raeder with stills from the four films on show: ‘Emergence’ (2011), ‘This Much Is Uncertain’ (2009–2010), ‘Magical Consciousness’ (2010) and ‘The House Belongs to Those Who Inhabit It’. (2008).

According to the exhibition’s curator, Christian Rattemeyer, these four films can be interpreted ‘as a transition from a concern for the linguistic nature of film to one primarily focused on issues of reflection and projection’. Raeder gave back to Islam a ‘sculpture in print’ that does not just document the exhibition and offer a view of the three newer works on display, but draws upon the concepts underpinning the exhibition and the work of the filmmaker. (Excerpt from the introduction by Milovan Farronato)

‘Dogs Devouring Dead Horses’
147 x 220 mm, 128 pp
b/w and color illustrations
unbound softcover with 12 pp brochure
ISBN 978-3-943514-06-3
Produced by Fiorucci Art Trust