Matt Copson: A Woodland Truce

15 February, 2016
The Magazine, Serpentine Galleries


The Magazine Sessions, presented in collaboration with Fiorucci Art Trust, is a new series of experimental and immersive events involving performance, spatial elements as well as food and drinks that take place in The Magazine at the Serpentine Sackler Gallery. Artist Matt Copson’s ‘A Woodland Truce’ inaugurates the series.

‘A Woodland Truce’ is a play without actors and includes sculptures, lighting as well as live and prerecorded elements. A bird, a deer, a chicken, a lion and a fox named Reynard meet in a woodland clearing. Gradually, they conspire to undermine their biological conditioning and nature itself. Music is composed by Felicita with vocal performances by Musarc.

Work © Matt Copson
Photos by Plastiques Photography