Alison Yip studied at the Alberta College of Art and Design, Calgary, Canada and at the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf in Germany as a guest student. Alison was invited to document the public and private events of the ‘Evil Under the Sun’ program; these drawings and paintings are an extension of her on-going practice as a ‘flaneur’. Armed with a sketchbook and a deft hand she situates herself in places where people are waiting (dentist offices, hotel lobbies, train stations) or at leisure (the beach, picnicking), taking note of people’s manners and gestures, fashions and rituals in the spirit of Baudelaire.

Josefine Reisch is a recent graduate from the Kunstakademie Düsseldorf. She examines historical content and the specific methods in which power is manifested through visual culture. Her work means to seduce the viewer in its varied forms of textile objects, paintings and printed media. Josefine often instrumentalises her own image as an icon, playing with roles of power and grandiloquence.

Alongside the sketches of Stromboli, Alison prepared a new site-specific wall-painting that stylistically fuses the linear abstraction of early Christian catacombs and a Modernist vernacular of which the former easily lends itself, suggesting that both languages were arrived at in a similar way. The wall-painting provides the backdrop to some of Josefine’s fabric pieces.


Josefine Reisch

Alison Yip’s diary

Extracts from Alison Yip’s diary:

Views of Strombolicchio, the island and the village

Lucy McKenzie

Milovan Farronato

Nicholas Bussmann

Lucile Desamory

Sissi Olivieri

Martin McGeown

Antonia Baehr

La Lunatica

All photos by Anna Carniel.