For our last appointment on the island, the Feast of the Beast, we said goodbye to Iddu in the spirit of Sodom and Gomorrah. The night slowly but surely unfolded at Casa Carlotta, where our long time friend Pasquale was hosting us, as we waited for darkness to fall and allowed for a screening. Le Roi Soleil, captured by Albert Serra, was ready to be projected and fill the garden with a red hue. Moans and groans emanating from the dying king were waiting to be heard. Punctuality was key, we only had a few hours together.

The night was a mystery which perhaps included an unscheduled frenetic dance. Psychedelic light shows drowned our dancing crowd in mystical colours by Alec Curtis and Prem Sahib.

Characters from ancient times, all in the back garden, gasped their last breath as they performed for and seeked privacy away from visitors.

On this night we received the visit of a new omnipresence, a distinguished lady, some said she was a Marquise, who mysteriously and continuously broke her pearls.

After an undeniably alert evening together it all had to come to a close, it was imperative we didn’t miss our 9 am hydrofoil to the mainland as our last rendez-vous was at the Archeological Park of Pompeii.

Photos by Daniele De Carolis