Following last night’s Jamaican beats, we gathered our energies for the last event under the gospel of This Much is Uncertain, title of the first film that our artistic leader Runa Islam shot in Stromboli a long time ago.

Alex Cecchetti, accompanied by soprano Adonà Mamo, performed Tamam Shud. We met at 7.30pm sharp in Piazza Ingrid and were lead to the foothills of the volcano. After meeting Alex at the ancient cemetery we began our journey with him which finally led us to one of the Fiorucci Art Trust houses.


Runa Islam who for personal reasons was not able to come and whom we missed very much was spiritually present that night through her new work. The performative install, in which the artist explored the raw footage for a film within the context of Eye > < Not Eye, was positioned following as faithfully as possible, the artist’s guidelines. Thanks to Haroon Mirza, Runa’s video were accompanied by a soundscape.

Nicoletta Fiorucci and Matilde Cerruti Quara drew the 2018 edition of Volcano Extravaganza to a conclusion. Drawing upon their joint experience in researching meditation as a medium and support for creative production, they played the quantum alchemy crystal bowls.

At the end of the night the projector-volcano by Runa on the floor of the house emphasised the title of our edition. Our attempt to express a Total Anastrophes by reverting the usual order of things and investigating collective and trans-genetic memories through the spectacle of a theatre inside the volcano, was mirrored by the traces of our intervention…

Photos by Amedeo Benestante