Volcano Extravaganza 2012 – Paolo Di Landro

The fashion designer Paolo Di Landro presents DELETING, a collection inspired by the volcanic island of Stromboli


The act of deleting characterises his clothes. Recycling silk petticoats from the thirties, forties and fifties, Paolo Di Landro has erased their original function (garments that are worn under a dress) in order to turn them into a sort of over skin. Embroideries and details are deformed to adapt them to a new and more seductive kind of body. There is no lack of artificial limbs, plunging necklines, clumsy flights, violent cuts: all to re-create a new and more intense beauty.

The DELETING collection is inspired by David Lynch’s film Eraserhead(1977). The various prints applied to the slips reproduce muscular bodies as well as abstract geometric patterns; imagery from science anthologies of the 1970s; utopian experiments in astrology; kinetic art; vibrant coloured cuts that, sewn with attention, destructure the forms of the clothes themselves.

In particular, over the garments specially designed for the guests at the House of the Extravaganza, plays, as in Lynch’s film, a ‘dream of dark and troubling things’, with continual surreal and inexplicable allusions that – with the volcano in the background – intensify the sense of a place already steeped in mystery.