Sharon Houkema. VIR Fellowship 2010

artist awarded with the VIR
Viafarini-in-residence Fellowship

Sept. / Nov. 2010


A landscape can be viewed in two different ways, you can look at it from a mountaintop or by walking in it. In the work of Sharon Houkema both modes of perception are joined. Perception itself appears to be the subject, but the works are not that easily caught: what seems simple at turns out to be complex when you look closer. That which appears to be randomly chosen reveals its consistency over time. Time and space, standstill and motion and also the medium itself all take a part in this process. The shifting between the various standpoints are journeys to be taken by the viewer.

From top to bottom:
Flow, 2009, drawings on paper, dimensions variable
Untitled, 2010, heating system, ladders, plastic, dimensions variable

Courtesy the artist and Viafarini