Stromboli Tarots at artmonte-carlo 2017

29th – 30th April

Grimaldi Forum, Monaco



With readings by Alex Cecchetti, Milovan Farronato, Nicoletta Fiorucci

Screens by Daniele Milvio

Mural interventions by Alison Yip and Josefine Reisch with the assistance of Andu Masebo

With thanks to Nora Hansen & Yoko Tsuno and Osman

Come and unlock your fate with the Stromboli Tarots, especially extracted from the volcanic sands of the island for you.

When it will be your time, the planets will naturally align to allow for your reading to take place.

“[…] many fires burn beneath the earth”


After a fugacious apparition over Alex Cecchetti’s Notte Lusoria at Palais de Tokyo, the Stromboli Tarots officially manifested themselves in a late April weekend in Monaco, presented by Fiorucci Art Trust on occasion of its participation to the second edition of artmonte-carlo, which we joined in the institutions & art spaces section.

Conceived by Milovan Farronato in 2015 with designs by Nicolò Bruno, on the occasion of the fifth edition of Volcano Extravaganza, the Stromboli Tarots are an evolving set that captures artworks and interventions presented by artists throughout the festival’s history.

Readings were graciously offered by Alex Cecchetti, Milovan Farronato and Nicoletta Fiorucci on a first come and first served basis. Accompanying the readings and in the same volcanic and magmatic spirit, the booth continuously evolved and changed shape as an illusionistic environment was created by Josefine Reisch and Alison Yip with the assistance of Andu Masebo. All three were graciously dressed by Nora Hansen in collaboration with Yoko Tsuno and, alternatively by Stromboli Tarots inspired garments designed by Osman. The only constant? The screens by Daniele Milvio and of course, the dicta of the cards.

The nature of the Stromboli Tarots is inherently tied to the place of its inception. An island, just off the Sicilian coast, covered in pitch black sands, dominated by an active volcano. Iddu (him) as the locals call it, looks over your every move, in control of your future. Like the roars, smokes and proclamations of its craters, the reading that is offered by a tarot card is unpredictable. Is it gently directing you upwards towards the ethereal skies or pushing down to depths of the earth?


Photos by Laurent Thareau