In November 2014, Fiorucci Art Trust initiated an international residency programme on the volcanic island of Stromboli for invited artists.

The programme builds on the success of previous, informal invitations, including designer Marjan van Aubel who spent a period of time on the island in the Summer 2014. The positive feedback received from past experiences encouraged us to launch an ongoing programme, open throughout the year by invitation.

The first invited artist of 2014 was Ed Fornieles with Joana Escoval’s departure for the volcano that came soon after. Her residency was followed in the next months by Habima Fuchs, Riccardo Arena and Fumito Urabe.

The idea behind the residency programme is that to facilitate an acute moment of reflection and meditation for artists, writers and creatives. The residency is open to one artist at a time, with a short overlap at the beginning and end of each residency period. This is to enable each resident to be both a guest and a host for the next resident. Residencies last minimum 1 month and maximum 3 months.

Inhabited by 500 souls, more or less, during the winter months, Stromboli is a particularly remote site. The residency includes two locations: ‘La Lunatica’, a house by the sea in the area of Piscita’, overlooking the black rocks of Stromboli; and a house on the hill, previously owned by Marina Abramović, closer to the main village. In the summer, these venues host the artistic activities of the Fiorucci Art Trust in Stromboli, including the yearly artist-led festival Volcano Extravaganza.

Following the residency period in Stromboli, a selection of visual material gathered by the artists is presented on the Fiorucci Art Trust website.