Lesson #10 – “Le Lezioni di Guida” by Beatrice Marchi

To mark the end of Lezioni d’Italiano, Lesson #10, artist Beatrice Marchi produced 35 prints inspired by her own “Le Lezioni di Guida”


Beatrice Marchi’s “Senso di Colpa” (2021) print will be available starting from today, to mark the end of Lesson #10 of Lezioni d’Italiano at the following link.

This will be a limited run of 35 prints, with 7 AP, so make sure to hurry to get your hands on one. Each are being sold at £ 80 (international shipping included, import taxes excluded).

65% of the proceeds will go to Ronda della Carità e Solidarity Onlus, a charity aimed at aiding at homeless and those who are marginalized in cities, provides support and assistance regardless of sex, origin and religion.

The prints which explore the layered and critical exploration of the dichotomies of the Italian suburbs whilst following the artist and her musical band “The Friends”. “Le Lezioni di Guida”,  which directly translates to ‘Driving Lessons’, is divided into three chapters, the third of which lends its namesake to the print. Self-identity is explored in a fable-like manner, with elements such as parades, theatre and carnivals interpreted through the eye of childhood identity, desire, and expectation.  The video comes across as participatory as a narrator guides the viewer through a driving lesson which gets occasionally interrupted by performed anecdotes.

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