21 March, 2016
The Magazine, Serpentine Galleries


Karl Holmqvist presented the second in a series of immersive performances and environments for The Magazine Sessions, in collaboration with the Serpentine Galleries. Titled ‘PPPPJJHAAARRRRVEY’, the evening brought together artists and collaborators, including AA Bronson, Marcus Chang, Nhu Duong, Klara Liden and Mundi Vondi, through film, sound performances as well as a specially-conceived menu of drinks and vegan snacks.

A flickering, dark space, evoking a cold, wide steppe at nightfall, replete with sound loops, repeated phrases, fabrics, scents and rituals, ‘PPPPJJHAAARRRRVEY’ transformed the environment of the Serpentine Sackler Gallery into an unfamiliar place, where order, disorder, disturbance and pleasure become increasingly more confused with one another…

Photos by Lewis Ronald