For Evil Under the Sun Nicoletta Fiorucci has been invited by Lucy McKenzie to produce a fragrance inspired by the scents of the island of Stromboli.
She collaborated with Creative Perfumers (Anastasia Brozler) to develop the fragrance and Silo Studio (Attua Aparicicio Torino and Oscar Wanless) to create a specially designed bottle.
Evil Under the Moon is the name of the perfume which is characterized by a specific research of the jasmine essence; a white and innocent flower with an inclination toward evil. In fact, the jasmine flower gives off during the night an unexpected indolence to protect itself from the aggression of insects. But it is also an homage to Alina, the main character of the movie and the novel which has inspired this edition of the Volcano Extravaganza. The Jasmine with its fascinating seduction represents the conjunction between the place and the narrative suggestion.
The first notes of the perfume are two fragrances, pink pepper, homage to the East, the spices, Sicily, and the wild fennel, spontaneous plant that shines everywhere on the island with its emerald green on the black rocks, the green colour chosen for the perfume. Lava essence, sea breeze and violet leaves complete the perfume.

The bottles are produced using a glass mounted technique, that consists in blowing an incandescent glass into an exoskeleton in heat resistant and fire proof NASA hand-sewn fabric, giving to the bottle its texture and a heart and caper seed shape.
Limited edition of 70, work in progress, the perfumes will be tasted during this evening presentation, and the feedback of the audience will define the final formula of the perfume.
A project for Evil Under the Sun, not a commercial product.

Nicoletta Fiorucci is founder of the Fiorucci Art Trust, as well as an art collector, art promoter and supporter of museums and cultural organisations as the Fashion Trust, Chisenhale Gallery, Serpentine, Studio Voltaire, Outset International in London and Rijksakademie in Amsterdam. Over the course of her career she has been chairwoman of the Fiorucci family business, founder and honorary president of a foundation for the promotion of corporate social responsibility ANIMA and president of Alta Roma fashion week.


Photo by Anna Carniel and Lucy McKenzie